Zeboim Charles Patten succeeded his brother as President of the Chattanooga Medicine Company in 1916 and championed the Company through tumultuous times, including those of the Great Depression.

In 1917, shares of the Chattanooga Medicine Company were again issued and once again it became a corporation, albeit very closely held among Patten family members. But don't let it be said that the Company doesn't play as hard as it works. The 1921 Chattanooga Medicine Company baseball team was the pennant winner in the local Saturday afternoon baseball league.

The Great Depression came hard and fast and took its toll on all American business, including the Chattanooga Medicine Company. Yet during this period the Company never failed to pay a dividend and during 1934 the nation's first employee pension and life insurance programs were created by the Company. Charity did not end at home as assistance was extended by the Company into neighboring communities through support of Community Chest funds.

In 1935 a new product, Menthacol, was introduced in the face of hardship. Menthacol was an analgesic balm in a unique greaseless base. This formulation was the brainchild of Dr. Irvine W. Grote then head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Chattanooga. Interestingly, the product met with only lukewarm results until the name was changed to "Soltice" in 1946.
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