When the patriotic call of our country came during World War II, the Chattanooga Medicine Company stepped forward to become one of the nation's leading producers of foods and medicines for the U.S. Army. Less than a week after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Company delivered a shipment of tincture of gentian to the United States Army. Enough aromatic spirit of ammonia, first aid for shock victims, was produced by the Company to literally float a battleship. Orders from the military reached such volume that soon the world supply of oil of lavender, one of the ingredients for ammonia, was exhausted. "Make it without lavender" said the Surgeon General. As train car load after train car load left Chattanooga, drug importers in New York telephoned that no more oil of myristica, another ingredient, could be found any where in the world. "Make it without myristica" came word from Washington. And so practically all of the rest of the war's requirements of aromatic spirits of ammonia were made by the Chattanooga Medicine Company in this fashion.

Machines and production lines were also converted to produce over 34 million K-Rations of 3 meals each during the course of the war. These rations were produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the process, the Chattanooga Medicine Company earned the prestigious E Award, named in honor of Eisenhower, not once but five times for its work in support of the war effort.

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