In 1960 the National Toilet Company of Paris, Tennessee was acquired. At the time it was one of the country's oldest independent cosmetic specialty houses having marketed a line of cosmetics and specialty soap under the name Nadinola® since 1899. Another company, Ath-O-Med, which specialized in athletic medication, was purchased during this period. The line of 32 products included first aid ointments, germicidal powder, vitamins, analgesic balms and liquids. The Company saw a heightened interest in its expanding product line when it began the "Chattanooga Medicine Company Network" or CMC Network as it came to be known, which sponsored live shows and aired musical entertainment on the Black Draught - Soltice TV show. The television show went on to become the Porter Wagoner Show in 1961 and later featured then little known Dolly Parton touting the unique benefits of Soltice® Rub & Cough Medicine and Blis-To-Sol®, medicated liquid and powder for dry, itchy skin. Sponsorship of the show lasted until 1973 and would often include live commercials of the products being used by the host.

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