Internal research efforts also gave birth to "Pamabrom", a diuretic used to reduce menstrual discomfort. This drug lead to the development and introduction of Pamprin® in 1962, an over-the-counter menstrual relief product, and later in 1984 Premsyn® PMS was formulated and introduced to treat symptoms prior to the menstrual cycle.

In 1974, Sun-In®, a spray-in hair lightener, was acquired from Gillette Company.  In 1977 an oil-absorbent line of non-color cosmetics called CornSilk® was acquired from Shulton. In 1975 Mudd® Mask, a natural clay-based facial cleanser, was acquired. During this rapid period of growth, particularly in the toiletries area, the company had seemingly outgrown the limitations of its name Chattem Drug and Chemical Company. As a result, the name was formally changed to Chattem, Inc. in September 1978. Given all that had been accomplished throughout the years, a heightened energy and excitement permeated the company as it celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 1979. However, the leadership was even more enthusiastic about what opportunities the future held for the company and rightfully so.

In 1980, Love's® Fragrances were acquired from Menley & James. In 1983, Quencher® Lip Stick and Nail Polish were acquired from A.H. Robins. In 1985, BullFrog® Sunblock, the first all-day waterproof sun protection, was acquired from Oceanside Laboratories, Inc. in southern California. In 1986 a patented line of chlorine removal products called UltraSwim® was acquired from Eljenn International.  In 1989 Flexall 454®, an aloe vera topical analgesic, was acquired from Ari-Med Pharmaceuticals followed by the purchase of Norwich® Aspirin from Procter & Gamble later that year. The prestigious REX Market Maker Award was bestowed to Chattem in 1990 as Flexall 454® was voted the most innovative over-the-counter drug introduction of the year.

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