During 1991, under the leadership of Zan Guerry, a corporate milestone was achieved as sales exceeded $100 million for the first time in Chattem's history and the Company embarked on an effort to focus on the marketing of leading branded over-the-counter dura products and functional toiletries.  A part of that success was the acquisition and performance of Icy Hot®, a dual action topical analgesic, from Richardson-Vicks. As 1994 progressed it proved to be a very busy year with Chattem acquiring not one but two brands. Benzodent®, a topical oral analgesic, was purchased from Richardson-Vicks and pHisoderm®, a line of daily skin cleansers, was purchased from Sterling Drug. In an effort to focus on the opportunities within the growing consumer products portfolio, Chattem Chemicals was profitably divested to Elcat, Inc. in 1995. 

However, the 1996 acquisition of Gold Bond® from Martin Himmel, Inc., the leading brand of medicated cream and powder in America, really began to establish Chattem as an industry force. This acquisition was soon followed by another, Herpecin-L®, a unique cold sore treatment, from Campbell Laboratories, Inc.

In 1997 Sunsource International, a company which produces herbal supplements and homeopathic treatments, was acquired from a holistic-based company founded by Dr. Robert Sohn. However, 1998 proved to be a monumental year with the largest acquisition in Chattem's long & rich history, the purchase of Ban® Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. As a result, annual sales were pushed well past the $200 million mark for the first time.

In 1998, Chattem purchased Dexatrim®, Sportscreme®, Aspercreme®, Capzasin® and Arthritis Hot® from Thompson Medical Company which made Chattem the largest manufacturer of topical analgesics in the U.S.  In 2000, Chattem divested two brands; Norwich® which was sold to The Monticello Companies, Inc. and Ban® which was sold to The Andrew Jergens Company.  The Company also successfully divested CornSilk® during 2000 to focus on other key areas of the business. 

In 2002, Chattem purchased Selsun Blue® from Abbott Laboratories.  In 2005, Chattem divested pHisoderm®, which was sold to The Mentholatum Company.

In 2006, fueled by the growth of Selsun Blue®, Icy Hot®  and Gold Bond®, sales exceeded $300 million for the first time.  In the four years following the acquisition of Selsun Blue, Chattem’s commitment to, and expertise in product development and marketing led to this substantial organic growth.

In 2007, Chattem purchased ACT®, Unisom®, Cortizone®, Kaopectate® and Balmex® from Johnson & Johnson.  The acquired brands were divested by J&J in connection with the recent acquisition by J&J of Pfizer Inc.'s Consumer Healthcare business.  Also in 2007, Chattem acquired the rights to ACT® in Western Europe together with worldwide trademark rights from Johnson & Johnson.  As the result of the acquisition of these brands, and the subsequent growth of those brands under Chattem’s aegis, sales surpassed another milestone in 2007, exceeding $400 million and providing an excellent foundation for continuing growth.

On March 10, 2010 sanofi-aventis completed the acquisition of 100% of Chattem, Inc., which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the sanofi-aventis Group. Since March 10, 2010 Chattem's common stock ceased trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. Chattem, Inc. constitutes a significant platform for future growth of the sanofi-aventis Group.

Chattem manages the Allegra® brand, and is the platform for sanofi-aventis over-the-counter and consumer health products in the United States.


Ban® is a registered trademark of The Andrew Jergens Company.
Black Draught® is a registered trademark of the Monticello Drug Company.
Bufferin® is a registered trademark of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
CornSilk® and Quencher® are registered trademarks of Del Laboratories, Inc.
Love's® Baby Soft is a registered trademark of Mem Company, Inc.
Nadinola® is a registered trademark of J.E. Strickland Company.
Norwich® is a registered trademark of the Monticello Companies, Inc.
Nullo® is a registered trademark of De Witt USA, Inc.
pHisoderm® is a registered trademark of The Mentholatum Company.
Rock City® is a registered trademark of See Rock City, Inc.
Rolaids® is a registered trademark of the Warner-Lambert Company.
Sal Hepatica® is a registered trademark of Kessel Laboratories, Inc.
Soltice® is a registered trademark of the Woolfoam Corporation.

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