Since March 10, 2010 Chattem is part of the sanofi-aventis Group. (For complete information, please visit

Our international business has historically been concentrated in Canada, Latin American export markets, United Kingdom ("UK") and Ireland, and in certain other countries in which Selsun is sold. 

Chattem benefits also from the outstanding international presence/reputation of sanofi-aventis covering a wide geographical area.


Our European business is conducted through Chattem Global Consumer Products Limited (“Chattem Global”), our newly established Irish subsidiary, located in Limerick, Ireland and Chattem (U.K.) Limited (“Chattem (U.K.)”), a wholly-owned subsidiary located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.  This unit also services distributors in various other worldwide locations.  Our products sold in Europe include Selsun®, Sun-In®, Mudd® and UltraSwim®.  Cornsilk® is sold by Chattem (U.K.) under a licensing arrangement with the owner of its registered trademark.  Spray Blond Spray-In Hair lightener is marketed only on the European continent.  Certain of our over-the-counter health care products are sold by Chattem Global to customers in parts of Central Europe and the Middle East.


Chattem Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, markets and distributes certain of our consumer products throughout Canada.  Brands marketed and sold in Canada include Selsun®, Gold Bond®,  Icy Hot®, Pamprin®, Sun-In®, UltraSwim®, Aspercreme® and Flexall®. 


Our United States export division services various distributors primarily located in the Caribbean and Latin America.  We distribute Selsun®, Gold Bond®, Dexatrim® and certain of our topical analgesic products into these markets.

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